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Who is feeling anxious? ✔️ Covidxiety is a thing, my friends. It’s fuelled by the apocalyptic news cycle, the frightening loss of income for many, and of course, the reality of catching this deadly virus. Yesterday it hit me, staring at row after row of empty shelves (even all the vegan food was gone!). I felt overwhelmed in a way I hadn’t outside of my grief and losing Lily. I know I am not alone in this feeling, Ive had many baby loss mothers say the same thing on here. And lets face it, we - the baby lost - are hard core, so if we are feeling it others are too. Are you? I dug deep into my well of emotional resilience, and went to home to do what I do best - lean into it and research. Specifically on how to help ourselves from a mindset perspective. My findings? Firstly if you are reading this - check in with your feelings. Stop avoiding them. It is totally normal to be feeling scared or anxious about everything going on. But if you are really overwhelmed reach out to beyondblueofficial or lifelineaustralia.
✔️✔️✔️Here are 3 tips to support your well being during this time:
✔️1. Figure out your routine. Creating a stay at home routine will give you some anchor points throughout your day and help you to feel like you’ve got your shit together. Particularly critical if you have lost your job. Set a schedule for rising, meals and bedtime. Resilience thrives with proper nutrition, and rest so keep an eye on that. Watch funny movies, drink cups of tea. Steer clear of social media that makes you anxious and restrict news consumption! ⠀⠀ .
✔️2. Connect - facetime, skype and video calls are going to get you through this. Last night hubs and a bunch of his mates had a teleconference. 🤣 Yup, they all dialled in and had a drink together. It was super cute.
✔️3. Move your body. You already know this one but its easy to let it slide when your normal gym routine has been banned. Lots of trainers are offering free online sessions and there is loads of content on You Tube. Move everyday!
Your turn. What are you doing to keep the CoVidxiety at bay?

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Anyone else feel powerless and a bit confused? I see so much fear on the news, I know a lot of people who have already lost their jobs or are are at risk. 46% of you said so in my poll yesterday too which is terrifying and then I walk down to our local shopping strip and it looks completely normal. Everyone is going about their business - albeit at a distance to each other. People are still in cafes, ordering coffee, buying bread, deliveries are still arriving. It is so weird and confusing. My extrovert side (and the one that likes to get tactile and touch people is already going a little mad), the lack of play dates puts mum lyfe into overdrive. And we’ve got 6 more months to go?!! I know social distancing is SUPER important and health comes first. (Soap kills COVID, wash your hands people). But I am just trying figure out the balance. Is it ok to go out to dinner and support your local pub if they can accomodate the social distance rules? Or are you avoiding them completely? Are you still going to the park/ playground or have you stopped? Would you go into a Kmart to buy toys or online order? How are you finding the balance between what is socially responsible for our health and supporting our local businesses? Help!! (Ps that is Jasper’s confused face when Mum says we are welding the front door shut and then 10 mins later decides we should get a T/A coffee to support the cafe down the road) ...

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‘Wow, where did the blonde hair come from? Is he yours?’ Pretty much the first comment we get every single time someone new meets us. My solution? I go a little blonder every time I get my hair done... 🤪 That will convince them, right? Do your children look like you or do you get mistaken for their babysitter on a daily basis like me 😂

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