Charlotte is the mother of twins Greer and Tavish. She shares raw insights that do not sugar coat the reality of parenting a child with a complex medical condition.

‘Firstly, let me apologise, if you’re here looking for a glimmer of hope or a message of someone who is thriving despite having a medically complex child with a life-limiting condition, this is most probably not going to be that.

If I had sat down to write this about a month and a half ago, it would’ve read differently, but in this sea of grief that has become our collective existence I’m currently riding a BIG sad wave, and I’m coming crashing down to be catapulted onto a damp sandy shore, wet, cold, spluttering trying not to choke on salt. You see, my beautiful girl has recently stopped eating – she’s “nil by mouth” – and eating had been such a large source of pleasure in her life.’

Extract from Charlotte and Greer’s story. Read the read of this story on The MTM - link in bio
By @charlotte.rushforth

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Happy father’s day to all the Dads ...

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Four years of missing kissing these cheeks. We are proud of Lily’s legacy and all we have achieved in her name, helping thousands of families in pediatric palliative care + children with life limiting disabilities. But what we would give for just one more kiss. Hold your family extra tight today. And consider making a donation at the link in bio. #lilyslegacy ...

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Helping families make the most of the time they have together 💖 ...

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Thank you 🙏🏽 Each and everyone for your support of @thelilycalvertfund this year. There are too many of you to name but without you, we could not do it.

Despite the maddness of 2020 we have launched two major programs raised thousands of dollars and helped bring a little light into the lives of so many families across Australia.

We have raised much awareness because of so many of you - who have generously shared our story and our cause via your amazing reach and channels. Thank you 🙏🏽

#thankyou #epicyear #bringon2021

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So very excited to announce our next project that has been many months in the planning! Stay tuned. Coming soon 💓💖 ...

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We realised that we just had to live in the moment and there was a beautiful simplicity to it. ⭐️✨

Sound on and head over to @goodmourningpodcast to listen to the full interview as founder @thelilyflower_ shares Lily’s story. Link in @goodmourningpodcast bio or swipe up via stories over @thelilyflower_

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