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When Lily was first diagnosed with a rare and terminal disease I wanted to pack my bags and run. For a time I lived in denial. Denial about raising a child with a disability, denial that Lily would die before me. I still wish I could change the way our story ended. But I cant. brenebrown says ‘Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.’ For most of us, it is difficult to own our stories of loss and challenges in a society that doesn’t want to acknowledge or talk about it. But when you do - the power and connections that come from it are mind blowing. It unites us. Me with you and you with so many others. Thats why I share - that’s why I want you to share your story too. Would you be interested in sharing your story on our blog once our website is updated? Let me know👇🏽
Please join me tomorrow night at 8pm with Rachael, author of Mackenzie’s Mission, to hear about her babies and her story which changed the public health policy of our nation #mackenziesmission #lilycalvertfoundation

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Lily wants know more about you. Tell us, where do you live? Do you have kids (earth and angel both count). Aaaanndd are you
🍭Salty or sweet? 🍷Vino or cinno? 🎥Movies or TV series
Mamma is Salty, Vino, TV... Dont be shy! Especially if you don’t usually comment - we wanna know about you!!! Your turn👇🏽

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My son’s foot is white, my foot is brown, my mum’s foot is white, my grandfather’s foot is brown. Why does it matter and what does it mean in Australia?
I am privileged, I am not indigenous, I do not want to say that I understand what BIPOC people are experiencing or that I am hard done by. I do not want to make this about me. I am privileged and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. But I do have an insight into the systemic and ingrained racism that exists in our world. It happens every time someone asks if I am Jasper’s Nanny. No, I am his mother. Or when people look at me warily in the supermarket when Jasper does his favourite party trick - shouting loudly for mummy when I am standing right next to him. ‘Is she his mum?’. Or the countless times as a child that my blonde mother was asked ‘Are those kids yours or did you adopt them?’. Or worse, the mortifying times in particular overseas countries that I have been treated like a hired escort - simply because I am with a white man in a posh hotel. That is the ingrained stuff. It can happen to any person of colour, of any social or economic standing. I’ve been so inspired to see everyone taking time to learn this week. Keep learning and thinking. And most of all lets keep teaching our children. That is all 💖
Love me
Ps Tell me what you have learnt this week?

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If you’ve had an especially tough time with your kids today, let them know. As you tuck them into bed say ‘today wasn’t great but tomorrow we will try again’. Kiss them good night, remind them of your endless love and give your heart a rest. Because not every day can be easy and thats ok. Be gentle on yourself and be gentle to your children. It will teach them it is ok to fail and get back up again. You can try again tomorrow.

Words inspired by biglifejournal

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To all the mothers today. I see you #mothersday2020

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